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Brent brought up a good point today in a reply that Musicianfriend sells then (at 539$, eeeep) but with a 45-day return policy. Course I would have to pay the shipping back…but I think I’ll wait until summer to buy one, ahhhh. Then all next year it’ll be doing camps and such and ministry to pay it off? lol. Anyways, it was kind of funny that Brent mentioned Musician’s Friend, …

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Ohhhhhhmygosh, I want one of these Avalon U5 DI Boxes. Shane Barnard uses one and it makes soooooooo much of a difference. I want to try to go to Guitar Center tommorrow and check out how it sounds and everything. The retail cost on it is 595$!!!! Maybe one day when I’m rich I’ll get one, lol. Or all of you reading this can someday get me one for my …

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