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I’m Going Back to the Old School, huuuuugh!

I felt like I’m in the mood for some old school worship, so I went into the old archives of AACF and pulled out some goodies. The songs we’re doing tonight are Light the Fire, Glory Honor Power, Psalm 121, Christ In Me, and Holy and Anointed One. Good stuff, hehehe. Hopefully if you read this you can come join us out in San Jose State University’s Student Union on the 3rd floor in the Almaden room for some fellowship and sharing in tonight’s last large group meeting this year. See ya guys then. =)

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Update for Today, wheeee

Well finally one of my friends signed up for LiveJournal.com, a cool site if I do say so myself. I can express myself a lot with it (even thou no one might ever read this, lol). But anyways, if ya want, check out his page at http://www.livejournal.com/users/Brentbass/ He’s a guy named Brent from the CGN (Christian Guitar Network) message boards found at www.christianguitarnetwork.com =)
Other than that, I still gotta go pick out some songs for worship tonight, thinking Psalm 121 (I Lift My Eyes Up), and some other oldies tonight…since it is our last large group meeting, doh! Oh well, we’ll enjoy it a lot. Must go now and pick out some worship songs. =)

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