Worship CDs, OUR Worship CD, and Worship..wow, redundant, hehe

I may head out to Berean later today and check out Vineyard’s Burn Service’s latest cd, Never Looking Back. I truely enjoyed their first two releases “Your Love Reaches Me” and “The Burn Service”. Great cds with some awesome guitar and youth oriented stuff. =) Prolly see if that accompiment track is over at Berean also, not sure if it would be though.
Reading through some Live Journals of Chris Day and I really want to get back to recording! Ahh well, guess I’ll still have to wait a few days until everything settles down and I get the mixer back. That’ll be fun though. I should set some kinda release date for our CD….so that we don’t get it out later than expected, lol. Won’t set it yet, but I’ll talk to the crew and we’ll find a date and let ya know about it.
Ahhh, “Sanctuary” night is coming up in a day! We still gotta practice, doh! God will be with us though, and it’ll be a blast. Mel and Pabs are working on the message, so it should be good to go with the worship.

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