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Weird Events

Hah, that seems to be all I talk about. Just weird stuff that happens. Anyways, I woke up at 4 in the morning today, and heard strange noises, like people dropping sutff or hitting the wall or something. So anyways, it was kinda weird, cuz I was really awake, and wasn’t sure what was going on. Thought maybe it was burglars or something. I got this bat thing from under my bed and just kinda lied there for awhile. =P It was nothing (I don’t think), but I started praying for people just outta the blue, just in case of something. Wasn’t sure what it was, but if something happened at around 4:07am today, let me know, hah.

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Another Weird Dream Day

Hah, ok, another weird dream day, and it invovles people from church again. This time Justin and I were on some weird island river thing and were swimming around on some river with all these trees and wildlife around and all that. I remember this one part where the current was going really fast and we had to duck underwater to avoid trees that were right above water so we wouldn’t hit our heads or something. Then we someone were running around some weird island things and people were riding their bikes up a hill and jumping off into the water. LOL, was really weird. Somehow we ended up at some amusement park type stand thing with Helen, Ango, and Lisa and ordered some food at it, but Lisa and Ango went to get food elsewhere. Helen worked there before or something, so she rung our food up (there were only 2 registers open, and the one I was at previous was taken up by some rude black guys who were all cutting me in line and stuff or something). I remember wanting to order Nachos, and the combo meal was something weird like Nachos with Fries and Eggs. Hahaha, psycho dreams. =P

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More weird dreams and long nights and good weekends. =)

Hah, wow, I’m a sucker. Last night I fell asleep at 9pm watching X-files. I woke up at like 12pm, then went back to sleep until about 9 this morning. How pitiful. Seeing how I usually sleep at like 1-2 on most weeknights in San Jose, it’s pretty funny.

Friday night’s “Sanctuary” went really well! I was kinda surprised, but I absolutely love the team of guys and girls that I work with for Sanctuary, cuz they’re just awesome. Helen plays piano, Ed plays drums, Tiff and Janet sing, and I was leading and playing guitar. We only had one practice, that happened a few hours before, but it went really well. Mel Tang and Pablo spoke for us in the middle of the sets and spoke about Walking in the Spirit. They told about how in everyday situations we should be set on God and be walking in the ways of His truth. Anyways, it was a real blast, and happy, but also sad, to say that it’ll probably be my last time leading “Sanctuary” as I believe Eddie and Tiff are ready to step up to leading for that. Dawn and I always intended for it to be eventually led by their own peers, and next times the time for that. =) It’s a good thing.

Sunday was the usual thing. I was asked to help in a short skit about camp doing a parody of “The Weakest Link”. It was quite interesting and funny, heh, but I’m not really too into that show (watched it maybe once). We got the news that Pastor Valerie’s father passed away this last week. I was thinking how it’s probably really rough on them right now. I believe Valerie is the oldest of the family, and she’s still only about 25-26ish. Her youngest brother is 18 or 19. Can’t imagine losing my Dad at an age like that. =( If ya read this, lift up a prayer for Pastor Valerie and her family.

Now on to my weird dream, hah. I seem to be remembering more of my weird dreams as of lately. From what I remember of the dream, we (a bunch of us from church, Tiff, Janet, Justin, and I remember seeing Millie and Tim too) were at some shopping spree type thing at a Target/Kmart type shop. You were able to pick up up to 500$ worth of stuff and only pay 100$ for it (was with some coupon or something). So we were running around the store trying to find stuff to buy. I remember I ended up buying just like a whole bunch of stuff that I needed for the house in SJ. My price ended up being like 480$. Janet was running around and was trying to find a camera she wanted to buy. The thing is there were some limitations too. Like you couldn’t buy anything over 100$, and you could only pick up a maximum of 2 objects each.
Justin was trying to find all the expensive stuff so that he could return it later and get store credit, LOL. I don’t remember what Millie and Tim were buying, but remember them being there. It was just a funny weird dream, hahah.

Weird Dreams and Other Things

LOL, what a weird dream today. Wont’ go through all the details (as with most dreams I don’t remember about half of it), but it ended with the ship my family was on crashing in the ocean, but I recovered my Taylor guitar, but it had teeth holes all in in, and I questioned if insurance would cover it, LOL. Long story, if you want to know about it sometime, just ask me about it, haha. Other than that, nothing much is going on, getting ready for more of the CD Project, but have to wait for the mixer to get back here, then I’ll have the vocalist come in and do their vocals, since most of the guitar stuff is done. Dunno how we’re gonna do drums yet, I thought about Patrick’s drum set for awhile, but now I heard that Pat might be staying down in Irvine all summer, that’ll suck, ahh well. We’ll figure out something, God will provide! =)