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hehe, Just got out of a crazy chat room that I started with a bunch of people from my church. Whole lotta people came in (think it was like 10 or 11 at the max). Crazy talk most of the time, which just proves how we’re all insane at my church. Saturday is looking cool. A bunch of us from church are going to Justin’s dad’s place in Concord to …

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Well still nothing new going on other than. IM OUTTA SCHOOL!!! whooo, Summer has officially began (well it did like this morning), heheh. I’m ready to kick it down with some Mac & Cheese, but don’t think I have any butter…grrr, ahh well. Maybe I’ll cook(microwave) some lapchueng, gross I know, but I’m hungry, haha.

Mmmmmm, I love Jack in the Box…I ordered a number 4 the other day….meat upon meat…was just their Double Bacon Cheeseburger or something. I should try their triple….though it can’t compare to In & Outs 4×4!!! Hehehehe, I love that thing…I get it every time I go to In & Out now….if you haven’t tried it, GO TRY IT!! 4 stacks of meat, 4 stacks of cheese, mmmm. current mood: …

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Mmmm, hash browns are the best breakfast food ever. Course I’m eating them at 3pm…dunno how that works, but it’s still really good. The only thing that beats Hash Browns hands down is Corned Beef Hash…mmmm, love that stuff. Ooooo, thinking about Corn Beef Hash AND hash browns…too bad I don’t have any Corned Beef Hash…doh current mood: hungry current music: Dwelling Places (Live) – Shane Barnard

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