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Fight Club, Black & White, and a boring week, but it’s SUMMER!!!

Watching Fight Club. What an interesting movie. Still makes me think realllllly hard, because I don’t totally undertand it, hehe. Still remember the first time I saw it with Elisa, man was it EVER confusing, geez, didn’t understand it one bit till I talked about the movie after wards.
Been playing a game called Black & White. Interesting game. Pretty fun, but crashes too often that I can’t really get way into it, heh. Saving the game also takes a whole lotta time, blah.

It’s Summer!!! Whooo, nothing else really going on though, hehe.


Well still nothing new going on other than. IM OUTTA SCHOOL!!! whooo, Summer has officially began (well it did like this morning), heheh. I’m ready to kick it down with some Mac & Cheese, but don’t think I have any butter…grrr, ahh well. Maybe I’ll cook(microwave) some lapchueng, gross I know, but I’m hungry, haha.