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Wow, 3 people are on my shoutcast server right now. How cool. Distrubuting music to the world. Once again check out my 24/7 (except weekends) Praise & Worship Shoutcast Server at Click the listen button and have WinAmp to start it up. current mood: ecstatic current music: Shane Barnard – Psalms – 11 – May the Works of My Mouth

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention over the weekend I put up a cool winamp Shoutcast Server at Give it a listen. It’s 24/7 praise and worship (well when it’s up, which is most of the time, except maybe weekends). I don’t have a very big play list right now (only about 10 hours) because about a month ago now, I did something stupid and my hard drive with …

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Vertically Rising [] | winamp