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Charlie Hall @ VoP, and other weekend type things

Well some big news is that I got to see Charlie Hall again at an event called “Heal Our Land”. What a timely event named that. The pastor who organized the whole thing, actually started with that theme name 9 months ago, but only God knew of the incidents that would happen in America, just 4 days prior to the concert of worship.
Charlie did an excellent job as usual, and Lisa came along with me to see. He did some newer stuff (King of Glory, Psalm 126, etc), and also did some other interesting songs like Let My Words Be Few (penned by Redman) and God’s Romance (by Martin Smith of Deliirous). Very interesting that he did God’s Romance, because I haven’t heard him do that one at all before, hah. I knew that I knew the song when we were singing it, but I couldn’t remember where it was from till the part of the bridge where you sing “Holy is the Lord.” Anyways, over all it was a good night, and I got to talk to Charlie a little bit, but couldn’t get a picture because we forgot to check if the camera had film in it, hehe, oh well. =)

I’m learning how to cook! whoooo. I’ve been making things like Potstickers, hotlinks, lap chueng, hamberger helper, and pasta roni. Much better than last year when it was just frozen hambergers and ramen all the time huh? hehe, I’ll continue learning new things how to cook too.

Worship on Sunday went ok. I didn’t think it was spectacular or anything, but I got some compliments on it from people in the congregation. *shrug* All glory to God though. I just didn’t feel like it was the best or I personall wasn’t able to experience God fully through the worship that morning. Maybe my heart was still concerned about Tuesday’s events… I dunno.

Pastor Kevin asked me to babysit the boys on Saturday. Not sure if I’m going to do it yet, guess if he can find someone else, I probably won’t (unless I just drop by some to hang out with them, they are pretty fun, hehe).

AACF BBQ is tommorrow night. Got some drinks for that and stuff. Ahhhhh. Dunno who’s doing worship yet for next week, but I guess that’s something gotta talk to Erica about. Hrm, I brought down my amp here for no reason, other than just to play louder with, oh well. I like the sound of acoustified sound. =) Doesn’t that sound redundant? Ok, well off to go do some reading…

Praise the Lord, O My Soul, Praise the Lord….

Well looks like the days of Napster may be over. I tried looking for some stuff today and nothing showed up on ALL of my searches. So either Napster just isn’t working anymore, or they’re blocking a whole lotta stuff. Blah, oh well. I found some really good mp3s of worship stuff that Steve Fee and Candi Pearson did in their Big Stuf Band or Exit 10. Sounds really good, EXCELLENT version of the song Hungry. Probably the best I’ve heard of it (sorry to SF, but this beats it out with the harmonies and layering they did, and it’s live, hehe).

Been trying to find this one Charlie Hall song too. Found out it’s called “Beautiful of Heaven”. The song goes:

“O Beautiful of heaven, O Soveriegn God transcendant
There is no one more majestic, myterious
There is no one more magnificent

There is no other god but You
There is no other more beautiful (x2)

So set my mind upon You wholly, Peel my fingers from the earthly
Inject boldness in my confession, As i proclaim this awesome truth

Holy God, fire of love, come o torch, burn me up
Set the coal on my mouth, I’m unclean, burn me out
Lift the knife, rip my robe, I lift my eyes, cleanse my soul
Take my life, my offering, till I am lost in the king of kings”

I really like it, but the song isn’t on any CDs yet, ahh well. I’ll just have to wait for Charlie’s next cd.

Did I ever tell everyone that I met Charlie Hall before? It was at the Worship Together conference out in San Diego a few months ago. Pretty funny, I was just sitting down waiting for the first main session to start, and I was sitting off on the side since we got in kinda late. All the speakers and worship leaders were up on the side pews going up the side of the sanctuary, and Charlie just kinda walked around a lil bit and I waved to him. He waved back and walked over and introduced himself, was pretty funny. =P Also talked with him a little bit after one of his workshop sessions he led on Veils of the Heart.

What else is going on? Not sure what my big trip will be for summer. Maybe NY, maybe FL? who knows, guess only time (well, and money) will tell, lol. Crap, if I wanna go anywhere, I better get tickets soon, prices for Southwest airlines go up May 24th, bleh!

Still sick, and it sucks, but ahh well (that’s what I’ve been saying to everyone today, heh). Oh well, I’ll live, sorta. hehehe. Might go visit Pathway again on Sunday, not sure. They really want me for their worship team, but may still be a couple of months till I move over there. Would be really cool though if I did do stuff there. =) Oh, and emailed some girl named Teena for some alternative worship band in the SF Bay Area today. She left a message on the Worship Together site and asked for musicians. rawk!, hehehe. Hope we can plan something. =)

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