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Haha, Just who comes here?

Hrm, wondering who would actually in their right mind ever read these posts….
I guess I’ll just keep doing them though, it’s kinda fun, even though they’re kinda out there for everyone to see, so I can’t ever put anything really really personal, hahah. It would suck if I was talking smack bout someone, or talking about someone I like, and they saw what I said…heh, note to self, never talk about those things. =P

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The best place to find out about the 268 Alliance and everything about Passion. Passion is a organization that supports college students in bringing them together for doing the Lord’s work. I attended last years OneDay event out in Memphis, TN, and it was great! (I still have pictures from there too, if you’ve never seen them). Met some great friends there who I may see this summer in NY too. Check out the link. My Link for the day, heheh.

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WinAmp ShoutCast Server!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention over the weekend I put up a cool winamp Shoutcast Server at Give it a listen. It’s 24/7 praise and worship (well when it’s up, which is most of the time, except maybe weekends). I don’t have a very big play list right now (only about 10 hours) because about a month ago now, I did something stupid and my hard drive with my 3 and a half gigs of worship mp3s got wasted. =( Ahh well, it’ll be back (or half back) soon…. Enjoy the stuff on the shoutcast server.

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First Entry

Hehe, just sitting back and watching the Simpsons on UPN! w000t! What a great show. Now you guys all get to read about my boring life, isn’t it great? hehehe. I learned how to play Psalm 145 today, which is by a great guitarist/vocalist/worship leader from Texas, Shane Barnard. It’s a really cool song, with a neat chorus and great dynamics to the whole song. Ask me to play it for ya some time and I prolly will, hehehe. Think that’s about it for now. Check ya’ll later.